SIBR Steam Boiler

As a manufacturer of steam boilers, we play a vital role in supplying boiler equipment to various industries. Steam boilers are used to heat water to generate steam, which is used in industry for a wide range of applications such as power generation, heating and industrial processes. As a manufacturer, the design, engineering and manufacturing of steam boilers are considered while producing them as per the needs of the customers. It also manufactures steam boilers by considering factors like required steam capacity, pressure, type of fuel, efficiency and safety standards.

Hence our products are safe, efficient and consistent. Along with manufacturing steam boilers, we also provide related services like installation, maintenance and technical support of the products. By manufacturing steam boilers, we contribute to the functioning of many sectors, enabling steam-dependent processes and applications.

SIBR Boiler: small industrial boiler is a type of boiler designed for small industries that require steam for their processes. Small industrial boilers are usually compact and have relatively low steam generation capacity compared to large industrial boilers. They are efficient and suitable for applications with moderate steam demand.

Capacity Up to 500 Kgs/hr
W.P. Upto 7 Kg / CM²
Type Horizontal
Pass 4
Thermal Efficiency 87 ± 2% on NCV

Fully Automatic coil type, compact, skid mounted boilers are design for safe and reliable operations. Ready to install needs negligible foundation just connect oil water flue gas and steam line.

Fully automatic-Negligible attend ance Burner trips with high pressure & restarts automatically with fall in pressure
Instant steam-Eliminates Warm up period Burner trips with high temperature total system trip.
Compact-Light weight-Negligible foundation Flame failure monitoring system
High thermal efficiency-Low operating cost High flue gas temperature trips the system
Built in water preheater-Less fuel cost On overloading motor gets trip
Additional manual operation Switch Prevents production loss No water conditions trips the burner indirectly
Tested before despatch. Spring loaded burner
4 Clear Pass with double coil High Pressure Safety relief valve
Ceramic wool refractory allows fast cooling of top plate and easy maintenance. System trips with abnormal condition.
Oil Pumps & Blower separate assembly – Long Life. Easy access to all required parts – Easy maintenance.

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