Hot Water Generator
Hot Water Generator


As a manufacturer of hot water generators, we play a vital role in providing heating solutions for various industrial and commercial applications. Hot water generators, also known as hot water boilers or water heaters, are used to provide and supply hot water for process, space heating or domestic use.

Factors such as heating capacity, temperature range, fuel type (gas, oil, electric) and efficiency are considered as manufacturers of hot water generators. Hot water generators include pressure relief valves, temperature and pressure sensors, flame safeguards and emergency shutdown systems.

We are quick to provide comprehensive technical support, installation guidance and after-sales service to our customers. We ensure optimum performance and safety of the hot water generators we manufacture.


  • • Smoke tube & Water tube design.
  • • Vertical / Horizontal Type.

  • • Oil/ Gas / Coal / Wood / Electric.

Salient Features
  • • Fully automatic - 3 pass designs.
  • • Negligible & easy maintenance.
  • • Compact design hence simple foundation.
  • • High Thermal efficiency - low operational cost.
  • • Additional manual operation switch prevents production loss.
  • • Tested before dispatch.
  • • Outside Boiler act.

  • • Burner trips with high temperature & Restarts automatically with fall in temperature.
  • • Flame failure monitoring system.
  • • High flue gas temperature trips the system.
  • • On overloading, motor trips.
  • • Individual contactor relays & fuses for each motor.
  • • Spring loaded Burner.

NOTE : Maximum Water Outlet Temp 150°C Electrical Supply 3 Phase 4 Core
ASSUMED : G. C. V. of Oil 10700 kcal / kg

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