Hot Air Generator

Liquid, Gas & Dual Fuel

Fuelpack Boiler & Engineering Company (India) Pvt. Ltd. Position Four decades in salons locally. We are proud to offer a robust line of Hot Air Generator to produce dozens of efficient and controllable hot air distributors for a wide range of industrial applications. Hot Air Generator are Australian systems that burn various fuels to produce hot air. We offer a versatile and cost-effective solution for applications requiring precision control without contact with burn-in defects. With 39 years of experience, Fuelpac understands the value of having a Hot Air Generator tailored to your specific needs. A team of engineers designs and manufactures each of our techniques to meet your exact needs, ensuring stability and positivity.

Benefits of Fuelpac's Hot Air Generator :
  • • Fuel Generation: Reduces high thermal power consumption and consumption.
  • • Fuel Versatility: Choose from a variety of fuels or options, including natural gas, propane diesel, depending on your specifics and fuel availability.
  • • Precise temperature control: restoring and maintaining the temperature required for various industrial processes.
  • • Compact: The space-saving Dozen optimizes your production floor layout.
  • • Consistency: Constructed with high-quality materials for long service life.
  • • Maintenance Maintenance : Allows for simple parent maintenance and cleaning.
  • • Environment Friendly Advanced Combustion Technology: Reduces Emissions.


Fuelpac's Hot Air Generator are ideal for a range of industries, including:

  • • Drying applications (Food, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Etc.)
  • • Curing processes (Paint, Adhesives, Coatings)
  • • Space heating (Warehouses, Greenhouses)
  • • Plastic welding
  • • Asphalt heating

At Fuelpac Boilers, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service. We provide comprehensive support throughout, from consultation and dozen to installation, commissioning and beyond. Contact Fuelpac to discuss your specific needs and contact our Hot Air Generator. Your industrial spirit can be recognized by organization, authenticity, and memory by environmental exhaust.

Capacity 50000 Kgs/hr to 1000000 Kgs/hr
Temperature Upto 300C
W.P. 3 Kg/CM² to 10 Kg/CM²
Type Horizontal
Thermal Efficiency 87% ± 2% LDO / FO / GAS
Outside Indian Boiler Act

Fully Automatic coil type, compact, skid mounted boilers are design for safe and reliable operations. Ready to install needs negligible foundation just connect oil water flue gas and steam line

Fully automatic-Negligible attendance ID and FD Fan trips with high pressure
Instant steam-Eliminates Warm up period High flue gas temperature trips the system
Compact-Light weight-Negligible foundation On overloading motor gets trip
High thermal efficiency-Low operating cost High Pressure Safety relief value
Built in water preheater-Less fuel cost
Balance draft.

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